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Associate Fellows Group News & Events

AFG Officer Elections

The Associate Fellows Group hold officer elections each year for


      • Chair-Elect (one year post, then ascends to Chair)
      • Treasurer (two year post, elections held on alternating years with Secretary)
      • Secretary (two year post, elections held on alternating years with Treasurer)

Nominations are generally accepted in the fall to early spring each year.

All AFG members in good standing are eligible to make a nomination or to be nominated.

Those interested in considering an officer position and those wishing to make an nominations should send an email to the attention of the AFG Nominations Chair at


Annual Meeting Information

Your Associate Fellow peers and hard at work under the direction of their committee chairs in preparation for all of our annual meeting events.


Click below to visit the

AFG Annual Meeting Events Page


For those that would like better insight into what takes place all year and perhaps would like to participate, check out our Committees & AFG Activities pages.

Membership Applications & Updates

Associate Fellows Group Application

Check the eligibility requirements on the Membership page and submit your current CV/Resume to


30 November each year



Associate Fellow Biographical Update

Check the eligibility requirements on the Membership page, complete the Biographical Update Form, and submit it to


30 September each year

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